No Solicitors

deborah jordan sackett

The other day, I received the following email that included a picture attached>

“Hello: I am interested in reproducing this tile (or something very similar, same words, similar style...I like the "face" design) for a friend of mine...the one you see here is broken. The one pictured here is about 6” x 6”. I'm not in any hurry. Is this possible, and if so, what would the cost be? Thanks!”

The words on the tile read>

“NO SOLICITORS Religious or Otherwise. We Are Happy Just The Way We Are. If that changes ~ we’ll call you.”

As I looked at the image, I noticed it was cracked in three places running through from the center to the edges of the tile. I thought, well I guess so; it’s broken because it had a screw in the middle of it.

The email had no salutations, no name; just a picture and the message. Another attachment to the email was a photo referencing my designed hand painted tiles. My husband, arriving from his work day, entered my home office as I was reading the email. I immediately share the email with him. Without missing a beat, he says:



“Yeah! You can do that! Charge him blah blah blah dollars for a custom order! Email him back and tell him you want to get together and discuss it!”
My response was, “are you an idiot? I don’t even know who this is. This person didn’t even share his or her name and their email is cloaked with an alias name; you want me to solicit getting together with someone that is asking me to ‘copy’ another's work? I would hope that you know I hold myself to higher standards sweetheart and I love you too."

Although we did not get together, lol, I did follow up through email with this anonymous request. I cherish  custom design solicitations. It is most enjoyable to co-create a piece mingled with an enthusiastic idea from a different perspective.

I wanted to share this precious moment with you. It caused us to laugh and I do genuinely appreciate all the emails that come across my desk. Some develop into custom orders; some don’t. And my husband isn’t really an idiot; he means well..p.s.

You are now able to buy directly from

Hurray !!

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