The Magic of.......'Bespoke'

First off you are probably thinking, what? What is bespoke? Never heard of that. But, yes perhaps, you have. Bespoke is 'tailor made', or 'tailored' is a common allegory with the same meaning. Today the terms personalize and or customize often refers to being modified, and personalize is writing or painting a name on something rather than changing its essential nature.

A bespoke sackettdoodles® portrays a story; your story. A representation that does not conform to anything that you can find in today's market. A one of a kind magical creation.

Painting on glass is certainly a labor of love. Then > add the act of collaborating and communicating with someone's shared thoughts to birth a design; a design that breaths magic through to the final stages of creation. It is challenging and sometimes even frightening for both parties.



It starts with a request; then communications of concept turn into simple lines of shared thought into motion that propels the design. Glass is unforgiving, so every stroke, every float of color and every strike of a brush must be done purposely if the artist is to succeed in a rendition worthy of their client.


 Whether it's an item for you and your home or a gift for a special someone or maybe it’s an event to remember, we’re here to assist you with a one of a kind custom design gifting item.

We live to create for you! And now, you don’t have to wait for new arrivals; you can create one.

With our exclusive bespoke service, your unique item is on its way to being ‘the’ piece that will hold yesterdays memory today forever.

The magic of "The Assateague Island Lighthouse & her Spanish ponies"
Private Collection Mr. & Mrs. W.F. Hoover, Las Vegas, Nevada

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