Going Insane & Loving Every Minute

deborah jordan sackett

Hi ya'll :) I have been honed in wayy too long! Life has been filled with gravity, meaning time is flying faster than I ever imagined.
It has been so long since I have 'chatted' that I am just gonna throw it out there and hope it brings out a reason for someone else to participate.
Since January, remember when I was invited to participate in the premiere bridal show? Yeah, well I designed and painted 7 products to display for custom order in a manner of days; and in the meantime researched and purchased out of stock items to fit that concept spending hundreds; selling only 3 through that contact.
Season has been slow, but for which I am thankful giving me opportunity to educate myself...........
I researched all the wedding sites; and, NO THANK YOU! The expense is enormous and they charge price per market. I read a bunch, I learned a bunch.
I also learned a bunch about setting up my own e-commerce site too.
I moved my online gallery to a different platform and turned it into an e-commerce. I can't kid you, even with tech support it is one big piece of work to accomplish! I am so dizzy. I don't know whether it is from exhilaration or exhaustion lol
I am writing this as fast as I can to save time as I should be making time to write in my blog! HA
Surely those of you that set up your own site can relate with me .........
There have been moments of lost faith; and then a wake up where I am filled with hope. And I move forward......finding that we are now in the month of August !
I discovered many a great sites. One of them HIGHLY recommend you check out their services:)
I wrote up a few lines filled with my SEO and now have a sackettdoodles RAP song>
Added my photo product stills; I thought I was ready to hand it over for TV ad campaign only to find out it has to be converted to be able to use it for a TV broadcast (broadcast being the keyword). Then, I can add it to my empty YouTube account. So,conversion here we come.
OMG, I sound insane.....?
Come back and let me know what services you decided to get with if any.
okay, I am hitting post now, so forgive me if this is long. I must be an introvert as being social is exhausting me!
Who else has lost their mind?

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