Echoes of a Concierge — bespoke services

My Dragonfly

The dragonfly has always held a special meaning for me in my life. It was the one constant that seemed to follow me from the southern region of the United States to the Great North of Alaska and back. Because of it's influence you will find it in my Art on Glass collection. I love reinterpreting the light that reflects from their wings. Today I came upon a funny little poem my husband’s grandfather wrote a very long time ago. It causes me to remember that precious dream state that comes upon me while swinging in a hammock. A favorite moment that never ages with the passing of time.

sackettdoodles® purple decanter dragonfly

The Magic of.......'Bespoke'

First off you are probably thinking, what? What is bespoke? Never heard of that. But, yes perhaps, you have. Bespoke is 'tailor made', or 'tailored' is a common allegory with the same meaning. Today the terms personalize and or customize often refers to being modified, and personalize is writing or painting a name on something rather than changing its essential nature.

A bespoke sackettdoodles® portrays a story; your story. A representation that does not conform to anything that you can find in today's market. A one of a kind magical creation.

Painting on glass is certainly a labor of love. Then >