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Neither, Neither

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I would like to submit this to you for comment. William & I are in the through of having conversational fun outside in the shade sharing word phrases. I lounging in the hammock; he pacing. (It is extremely hot out here in the sun. Hope you are having an especially nice day today. The word phrases became sentences.

Darling Husband stated>
"At Sky Spirit Studios we have no limit on the amount of money you can spend."
But this is what Darling Wife heard>
"At sky spirit studios we have no limit on the amount of merchandise you can buy."
You say nee-ither; I say neii-ther. What do you say?

My Dragonfly

The dragonfly has always held a special meaning for me in my life. It was the one constant that seemed to follow me from the southern region of the United States to the Great North of Alaska and back. Because of it's influence you will find it in my Art on Glass collection. I love reinterpreting the light that reflects from their wings. Today I came upon a funny little poem my husband’s grandfather wrote a very long time ago. It causes me to remember that precious dream state that comes upon me while swinging in a hammock. A favorite moment that never ages with the passing of time.

sackettdoodles® purple decanter dragonfly

A Modern Twist to a Classic Margarita

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The Classic Margarita ~ Todd Fiscus, Dallas and Houston, Texas

When it comes to summer cocktails, I choose the mixology recipe from Texas-based event planner Todd Fiscus of Todd Events. And what’s more refreshing than an icy cold margarita? A presentation in a colorful hand painted margarita glass!

Classic Margarita
1 1/2 oz. tequila (100% agave a must)
1 1/2 oz. Cointreau
1 to 1 1/4 oz. lime juice
Salt for the rim of the glass
Shake all the ingredients with cracked ice in a cocktail shaker until the exterior frosts. Strain into a glass over ice.
Recipe courtesy of Architectural Digest