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REVISED Going Insane & Loving Every Minute

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I could say gravity made me do it, but that would be incorrect. Writing in a hurried manner can sometimes lead my message to be misinterpreted>

In stating that wedding sites ‘were wayy too expense’, I was referring to listing my small business on a wedding site. My art on glass is a niche’ and an exclusive product.
Not everyone is aware of the craft of tailoring custom toasting glassware just for them. A unique art form not found in the everyday market.

My market is an exclusive one. Thoughts of grandeur was what I caught when going to the on-line wedding industry. Much like catching a cold, one eventually gets over it. That is where my product search began with them.

“Not right now; No Thank You” is what would have been appropriate to write when I shared. But in my hurried state of insanity I wrote it as I thought; and as if everyone would get what I was stating.
I wrote it as if they already understood that being on a premiere wedding site would be awesome! It certainly did not intend to knock the wedding industry. I LOVE these wedding sites. Ideas and advice galore! Should I be preparing for a wedding, the on-line wedding world would be my first place to go. I am especially loyal and am big on shopping local, so that is where I, personally, started my search.

‘Going Insane & Loving Every Minute’ was written as a group ‘post and run’ that already had the first part of the story. I was catching up with them, my team members, on an a previous post and decided to use it as a piece for my Echoes of A Concierge blog.
Seth really says it best when he states “everyone peddles us the story that if we just team up, we’ll get exactly what we expect, that it will all be as we dreamed it to be.”

Research informed me, but more importantly, reminded me that running around with my product looking for customers was not the answer. I already knew that, but in my exhaustion, or was it exhilaration? Perhaps one day you will see my products in the wedding industry, or not. But no matter.

I love what I do. And I live to create for you! xo deborah

My Dragonfly

The dragonfly has always held a special meaning for me in my life. It was the one constant that seemed to follow me from the southern region of the United States to the Great North of Alaska and back. Because of it's influence you will find it in my Art on Glass collection. I love reinterpreting the light that reflects from their wings. Today I came upon a funny little poem my husband’s grandfather wrote a very long time ago. It causes me to remember that precious dream state that comes upon me while swinging in a hammock. A favorite moment that never ages with the passing of time.

sackettdoodles® purple decanter dragonfly

The Magic of.......'Bespoke'

First off you are probably thinking, what? What is bespoke? Never heard of that. But, yes perhaps, you have. Bespoke is 'tailor made', or 'tailored' is a common allegory with the same meaning. Today the terms personalize and or customize often refers to being modified, and personalize is writing or painting a name on something rather than changing its essential nature.

A bespoke sackettdoodles® portrays a story; your story. A representation that does not conform to anything that you can find in today's market. A one of a kind magical creation.

Painting on glass is certainly a labor of love. Then >