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Butterfly Glasses Toasting Crystal Wedding Glassware Hand Painted Italian Bormioli Rocco

Sky Spirit Studios, LLC

$ 75.00

Italian crystal stemware salutes two hand painted butterflies on each glass. Frosted painted finish on stem in a lovely presentation for the bride and groom as toasting wedding stemware.

Each butterfly is designed illustrated in a gold tones with the options of shimmer pink or gold with iridescent highlights and platinum accents on each style. Each unique within this styling of two butterflies dancing wing to wing opposite each other on each side of the crystal.

Italian Bormioli Rocco crystal
Capacity > 7 5/8 oz each glass

[ MADE TO ORDER ITEMS will process 8 to 10 business days prior to shipping USPS Priority mail ]

Due to the nature of hand painting techniques, each glass will have slight differences, however, adding to the unique characteristics of your Art on Glass making it Uniquely Yours & Like no other

Hand Wash Hand Dry recommended for a lasting brilliance.

Paints are cured with deliberation; then oven fired in a Commercial Oven with HI-Temp and time control for professional and durable finish. A product highly resistant to normal handling.

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