My Story

Deborah Jordan Sackett
    ~ Producer ~ Designer ~ Artist ~    
A girl born to a fishing community off the Gulf of Mexico in the salty air North of the sandy white beaches in Biloxi, MS. Raised on Jewell Lake in Alaska, my adoptive state, in a two room cabin; both heritages played a vital part in my education and influenced my art expression of application which you see today.
It is my love for the gulf waters, my community and admiration of the mysteries of our universe which inspires the work you see.
My Dragonfly
Mississippi born, Alaska raised in a two room cabin at the edge of Jewell lake where dragonfly's crawled from the waters with wings; and water lilies reached toward the sky beneath the waters surface out from silty mud. 'Each day salutes a new world. And at each sunrise everything is eternally new.
Blessings, deborah

~wife~mother~friend~avid home cook~artisan~    

Creative Director / Artist
Sky Spirit Studios LLC
Gulfport, MS

Deborah Jordan Sackett
Recognized and Honored Associate Radio Producer 2009 - 2010 Edition Life Time Member
Cambridge Who's Who Registry of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs