My Story

Deborah Jordan Sackett
    ~ Producer ~ Designer ~ Artist ~    

As a concierge, and guest services representative of a high-end luxury casino hotel, my job entailed booking dinner reservations, transportation, and generally making the impossible, possible were all par for the course; including being a personal shopper procuring treasures from the locals to be shipped home to be gifted to their family and friends.

Today, I have a resident studio and workshop that creates hand painted designs for those who value individual and truly qualitative items on sustainable products with non toxic paints that are oven fired producing a highly durable and professional finish.

My business still provides personal services for you; and, you do not have to go through a third party. You have access to me directly. I strive to locate pieces for you that can be custom created with hand applied techniques and personalized. Functional tabletop accessories that will certainly be cherished and shared for life times to come.
My Dragonfly
Mississippi born, Alaska raised in a two room cabin at the edge of Jewell lake where dragonfly's crawled from the waters with wings; and water lilies reached toward the sky beneath the waters surface out from silty mud. 'Each day salutes a new world. And at each sunrise everything is eternally new.
Blessings, deborah

~wife~mother~friend~avid home cook~artisan~    

Creative Director / Artist
Sky Spirit Studios LLC
Gulfport, MS

Deborah Jordan Sackett
Recognized and Honored Associate Radio Producer 2009 - 2010 Edition Life Time Member
Cambridge Who's Who Registry of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs