Designed beautiful wine glassware, flute glasses and tabletop decor sold directly to you. With our studio, you get the highest quality possible without paying a premium for custom designed tabletop decor.

There are no middlemen between you and our studio. That means no unnecessary price hikes, no retailers demanding a higher price tag, and no distributors needing their cut. I sell my hand designed hand painted tabletop products directly to you, which means you get beautiful One of A Kind functional art on glass 'Uniquely Yours & Like no other' at beautiful prices.

The Love Story, where the paint meets the glass was founded in 2009, the purpose ~ to create and share custom design tabletop decor that adds function and enjoyment while celebrating life's special moments.

Art on glass studio was born out of a mutual love for art and offering creative functional designs on quality made products. Meticulous in my work, and intentional in design. I believe in creating beauty and whimsy at beautiful prices and offering the best service and value possible. This is my art and I love what I do. Thank you for visiting. I am so glad you're here.


Sky Spirit Studios / 228-867-9974

Retailed Locally on MS Gulf Coast>