Gold Peacock Feather Hand Painted Crystal Glassware

Sky Spirit Studios, LLC

$ 98.00

Fabulously tall fine European lead-free crystal wine glassware are hand painted in a champagne gold peacock feather highlighted with a glowing pearl painted eye. An elegant presentation of Art on Glass to embellish your table top.
Hand painted with a wine connoisseur in mind permitting the wines legs to be exposed.

• Each glass is unique because it is hand designed and hand painted
• Oneida crystal in a tall and elegant custom designed presentation of wine Art on Glass
• Lead-free
• 10 inches in height
• 22 ounce capacity

Wine stems base carries the feather in design.

Due to the nature of hand painting techniques, each glass will have slight differences, however, adding to the unique characteristics of your Art on Glass making it Uniquely Yours & Like no other.

Hand Wash Hand Dry your crystal glassware for a lasting brilliance.

Paints are cured with deliberation; oven fired in a Commercial Oven with HI-Temp and time control for professional and durable finish. A product highly resistant to normal handling

We specialize in tailored designs to fit your occasion.

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