Nightingale Bird Glass Platter Serveware Hand Painted Table Top Decor, Color Option Made To Order

Sky Spirit Studios, LLC

$ 145.00

Beveled glass platter hand painted featuring Nightingales designed and painted for your table, snack plates or can be displayed as decorative home decor accent.

A Nightingale bird at each of the four corners of the beveled square plate with large drama of outspread wings in shimmering color. Turquoise and cobalt blue surround with shimmering metallic accents.

  • The center of the plate design is unpainted transparent clear glass
  • Option to add names and or date to personalize your design.

Color Options for your platter/plate>

  • Copper & gold
  • Gold and platinum
  • Individually hand painted making them Uniquely Yours & Like no other.
  • One 10" x 10" square platter with 2" bevel
  • Painted in 'Reverse' style on bottom of beveled glass  

Fully functional dinnerware, snack presentations, desserts.

Due to the nature of hand painting techniques, each glass will have slight differences, however, adding to the unique characteristics of your Art on Glass.

Paintes are cured with deliberation; then oven fired in a Commercial Oven with HI-temp and exacting time control for a professional and durable product highly resistant to normal handling.
For lasting brilliance I recommend hand wash with warm soapy water and hand dry your Art on Glass
Manufacturer states dishwasher resistant on upper rack.

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