Platinum Blue Wave Serving Platter Hand Painted Serveware

Sky Spirit Studios, LLC

$ 145.00

Coastal decor serving platters featuring a hand painted beach wave design. The scrolling waves move around the platter featuring a beaded technique in platinum resembling mosaic work that depicts the impression flowing sea water leaves on the sand after receding.

Everyday White porcelain with designed custom styling hand painted art in aquatic glossy sea blues, beaded platinum greys, and shimmering gold

  • 8 inch W x 11 inch L platter dimensions
  • Individually hand designed and hand painted; Uniquely yours
  • Complimentary Shipping within the continental United States.

Signed and dated on the back.

Due to the nature of hand painting techniques, each piece will have slight differences, however, adding to the unique characteristics of your Painted Poetry Art on Glass.
Uniquely Yours & Like no other.

The paints are cured with deliberation; then oven fired in a Commercial Oven with HI-Temp heat and exacting time control for a durable and professional finish.

For lasting brilliance, I recommend hand wash hand dry your painted Art on Glass. Dishwasher resistant on upper rack.


"12 designed and painted wine glasses, one designed and painted decanter, and one designed and painted serving tray. This is our endorsement that Deborah is a wonderful artist with wonderful ideas and the tenacity to see her contracts through to completion of product, responsible shipping, and satisfaction of customer. We truly do endorse you and your Sky Spirit Studio as an artist and service provider that We will be thrilled to do business with again. We are completely happy with everything that was done for us."
William F. and Libby A. Hoover, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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